Frequent Asked Questions

How to register ?

Before registering, you need to logon with either your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account. Then check your email is right and choose a coach name.

How to participate in a competition ?

Once connected and registered, in the competition list, chose "Prediction" or "Manage" to start playing.

How to do my predictions ?

In the competition list, click on the "Prediction" button for the competition you want to play. This will display the fixtures. For each of the macthes, enter your score and validate.

How to create my virtual team ?

In the competition list, choose "Manage" to retrieve your last selection. The screen is made by a hockey pitch on which players are positioned. With a shirt and a name for selected players, with a black shadow for available slots. Chose a team in the team list, and then buy the players you want (in respect with your budget and rules) Above of the pitch will be displayed your available budget, your team value as well as the opening and closing selection date and time.

Once my team is built, is it frozen for the duration of the competition ?

No, you can change all the players you want according to the transfert calendar. This will allow you to build the best virtual team based on upcoming matches. You can also chose to keep the same selection all over the competition, but you will mark less points when for days your players are not playing.

When does selections are open ?

The selection is closed 2 hours before the start of the first match of the day, and up to 4 hours after the start of the last match of a same competition day, accordingly to the transfert calendar.

How ranking is calculated ?

Each manager has to grow its budget by selling and buying players. The manager value is made by the addition of its virtual team and his remaining budget.

What if I can't register or can't create my team ?

Please ask the community on the facebook game page or send an email to

Why I don't see the "Manage" button ?

All competitions are not open for creating virtual teams, in such a case the "Manage" button is not displayed. To do so the system needs to get access to game sheets which is not usual.