I - Game description

Hockey Manager is a predictive game. Each gamer is a virtual team manager and owns virtual teams. The game goal is to be the best team manager of one or several competitions.

Each virtual coach can build its own teams by selecting players from various teams inside the same competition.

After each competition day, each virtual team mark points based on the real players performances.
Results from each competition days are the results from the real competitions occurring during the game period.

II - Duration and gamer registration

a) Duration :

The game is based on real competitions tour usually up to the quarter finals.

b) Registration :

To onboard in the game, each virtual coach need to register with an external account (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter).

III - Virtual Teams

Each virtual team is made by up to 15 players with a maximum of 2 goal keepers. All 15 players earn points. In each virtual team a maximum of 3 to 5 players from the same team is allowed.
Each virtual coach can build only one virtual team per competition, but can change its players in between competition days. For each competition day there is a lock period in which no selection can be made. Usually it is a few hours before the first game and a few hours after, this will allow the game to compute score players and ranking.

IV - Competition, Ranking

After each competition day, each virtual coach mark points based on the real players' performances with the scoring rules defined below. The virtual team value is the sum of the value of each selected players.

V - Points

a) Points for the team

For each goals against of a winning or draw team : For each goal for a defeated team : Shoot out goals are not considered. There is no difference in the kind of marked goals (field goal, penalty corner or penalty stroke) all count for the same value.

b) Points for a player

c) Points based on the player performance

For each Goals : Clean sheet Cards : Fixtures can be consulted in the competition detail page

VI - Ranking

Virtual coach can consult the value of each owned teams by displaying them. Each player value can also be displayed by browsing on the team detail page.

After each competition day each a new ranking is established for a single competition as well as for all competitions.